A basic greywater system

One of those jobs I had been putting off for some time. We originally dug a couple of pits filled them with gravel and planted bananas around it, it worked for a while but could not cope with the increased load now that we have a few more people here, more food and more washing.

We have copied a basic system we saw installed on a recent visit, three concrete rings set in concrete at the bottom of the pit, connected by pipes and filled with gravel, the last two with the water outlet at the top to keep them full at all times. The first ring features a 3/4″ pipe is a loop with holes to disperse the incoming greywater over the whole gravel surface. The system will receive the water from the washing up (after it’s been through a grease trap) and from our bathroom and washing machine.

It took three of us two days from start to finish, including the digging and the cement work. The total cost of materials is around 1800B or 60USD, including the grease trap.

The recycled water will end up in a small pond and then into the vegetable patch. The area looks a bit of a mess now, it was overgrown with some very large banana clumps and weeds, now it will be replanted with a few bananas of a smaller kind and papayas.