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Latest news from us.

It has been a long time since the last post on this blog, but most of our friends who used to follow us probably know of the latest developments.

Last year we sold a part of the plot to Ian, a retired nature-loving Australian, who has since been living in Mae Mut for most of the time, apart from occasional trips, he maintains the garden and has also built a swimming pool.

We have been coming and going, Serena is now six years old and part of a Chiang Mai home schooling group, so we spend a few days a week in town and try to keep on top of everything, sometimes unsuccessfully, it has to be said.

Especially for me, the moment has arrived to dedicate more time to Serena and I feel that now this should be the main priority, for the next few years at least, time runs away from us very quickly.

With this in mind we are looking for a partnership to help us make the most of this amazing place without having to run ourselves into the ground, which we don’t have the energy to do anymore anyway…

It would suit a couple with an interest in simple living and some skills that can be readily applied to the site, some experience with social media would also be very useful.

There are four rooms in two separate structures, already being used for hospitality and very soon a large common area with a shared kitchen plus a dorm and space and infrastructure suitable for a small campsite will be ready to use.

If you know anyone who could be interested please share this with them, thank you.