We are located on the outskirts of Mae Mut village, around 65 km SW of Chiang Mai on route 1013.


From Chiang Mai city take the road south past the airport, route 108. Keep driving through Hang Dong, approx 10 km from the city, the next town after another 10 km or so is called San Pa Tong, there is a turning to the right signposted Mae Wang, route 1013, right opposite the turning is a bank with a green sign, Kasikorn Bank.

From this turn we are about 30km along route 1013, passing first through a small market town, Baan Kaad. A few kms outside Baan Kaad there is a fork in the road where you must keep right, signposted Mae Wang, a few kms further on you will see the Mae Wang hospital on your left.. For the last 15 km or so the road follows the Mae Wang river through the forest, Mae Mut is the fourth village along, just before the village there is an elephant camp on a river bend and about 500m after the camp the road makes a 90 degree left turn, on the corner, opposite a bright green hut selling petrol there is a small restaurant, ask for directions to Marco’s place there or call 0931 848650.


The bus for Mae Wang district leaves from the corner of Wualay Rd. and Chang Lor Rd., opposite the Chiang Mai gate on the south side of the moat that surrounds the old city.

Look for a bus that goes to บ้านกาด (Baan Kaad), it’s a yellow pick up truck with seats at the back and a sign on the roof, the route stops in Mae Wang, still a way from us.

The driver can be persuaded to come all the way to our village, an extra 20+ km for an extra 250/300B, Call me when the bus leaves the city so I know when to expect you, or better still, call me when you think you have found the right bus and I will talk to the driver and arrange the trip for you. My number is 093 1848650

Here is a link to a Google map.

GPS 18.673294,98.651733


14 thoughts on “DIRECTIONS

  1. Hi, I’m interested in coming for a volunteer stay, around June 1 to June 22nd. I have been studying permaculture for about three years, and have my PDC from University of Colorado extension. I am 62 years old and have been organic gardening most of my life. I also have extensive knowledge of nutrition and natural healing and whole (and raw) foods cooking, the arts, yoga, and meditation. I grew up in New Mexico where adobe architecture has been used for thousands of years—but I still have much to learn about natural building.

    I realize it’s beginning the rainy season which no doubt affects your work schedule and maybe your volunteer process as well… but your project sounds great and I’d love to participate if possible!

    Thank you,

  2. Hi Marco
    I live at Wat Tham , but have yet to meet or visit Mae mut garden, and hope to do so when might be an appropriate time ?

  3. Un italiano a Chiang Mai da due anni esatti.. Anche se lavoro il tempo non è molto.. mi stavo incuriosendo a questo tipo di costruzioni.. alternative.. senza contare che cerco sempre destinazioni nuove per gita in moto o macchina.. A Mae Wang sono stato.. molto bello.. Fino a quando dici dell ospedale di Mae wang ricordo.. poi mi son confuso.. si può fermarsi a prendere un caffè?? Andrea da Fi

    • Andrea, thank you for visiting the blog, you are welcome for a coffee, give me a ring when you think you will be coming and I will give you directions, from Mae Wang hospital it’s around 20km on the same road.

  4. Hi Marco. Been following this blog for several months now and was fascinated by the progress. Most of the permaculture projects I’ve followed are about transitioning from mono culture to permaculture. Have not found a project where people turning forested land to permaculture – coz that what I’m doing currently. It would have been helpful if you put a link to your Facebook page on the site.

    • Hi Carl, Thank you for visiting the blog. My basic understanding is that a forest is already a permaculture site to a certain extent. If you are lucky enough to have a forest as a starting point, good on you!!! I will put the Facebook link, thanks for the suggestion. Marco

  5. Dear Marco,

    i heard about you from a friend who is very near to you, working at an elephant farm.
    I´m fascinated about your projects and would like to get some information and apply for volunteering between july and august for a month.
    I am from Hungary, but studying in Austria the bachelor degree programme „Smart Bulding“, which covers the domains of energy-efficient building technology and sustainable building methods.
    I saw that you are offering a natural building internship from July, this would be a great oppprtunity to get some experiences which will enrich my studies.
    I am a very friendly and open-minded person, love to learn about different cultures and meet new interesting people.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,
    sunny greetings from Salzburg,

    Dora Horvath

  6. Ciao Marco
    Mi chiamo nicola e abito da 11 anni a bangkok. mi sto interessando alla permacoltura e mi piacerebbe entrare in contatto con te.
    grazie in anticipo
    buona giornata

    • Ciao Nicola,
      scusami se non ho risposto a questo messaggio, non so come sia successo. Noi siamo sempre qui e mi puoi chiamare al 093 1848650.

  7. Hi Marco, I discovered Maemut garden on my search for community based movements in Thailand. It seems that you have a great initiative that is offering an opportunity for people to get involved in “being the change”.

    I have come to Asia with my 3 year old son on a work sabbatical.
    I am developing a large initiative – which is a support structure for strengthening community, empowering individuals and uniting people around the globe.

    I feel It is essential that I live in an intentional community while developing my vision.
    I am prepared to contribute money and/or time to live in an environment that supports our stay for a few months. Is this something that could be possible at Maemut Garden?

    I come from Cape Town, SA were I worked for Gunter Pauli – the founder of The Blue Economy. ( and focussed on the development of Gunter’s Fables – the children’s application of the principles of the Blue Economy. (

    Thank you for your time.

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