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MaeMutGarden is located in Mae Win, part of the Mae Wang district, close to the Mae Wang and Doi Inthanon National Parks, surrounded by forests, rivers and waterfalls. The area is predominantly Karen, with around twenty villages connected by the one road and countless tracks through the forest.

These days there is plenty of tourist traffic, mainly day trippers who come for elephant riding and bamboo rafting, but without great effort it’s easy to find places that are still relatively peaceful and virtually tourist free.

Even though we spend most of the time working on something or other here at the farm, over the years we have made a number of friends around the area and we try to find an excuse to go and visit them, so we can take some time off the farm, now that baby Serena has grown up a bit we hope to do more of this, especially when we have farm stay guests or on the volunteers’ day off.

All the places in the photos above are within half an hour’s ride from Mae Mut, a motorbike (or a mountain bike for the more energetic) is the best mode of transport around here, great fun in the dry cold season, less so in the wet summers, when the tracks through the forest become impassable for all but the most experienced riders, but most places are also accessible by car.


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