Suteera from Washington DC

I don’t know how to begin…. this was one of the most awesome experiences we have had for a long time. Nok and Marco were so warm and welcoming. We felt like a part of their family. Our son spent a lot of time playing with their daughter. The place is clean and full of character. We love the philosophy of Mae Mut Garden and since we came back we have been telling our friends to come for a visit. Nok and Marco explained in great detail the way they built and maintain the place. They were never tired of our questions. This place is a gem and we highly recommend it to anyone who cares about biodiversity, nature, the environment and sustainable living. We LOVE this place and thank you so much Nok and Marco for your warm hospitality.


Natalie and Peter from Sunshine Coast QLD

We had the most magic time at Mae Mut Garden. Marco and Nok were excellent hosts. We loved being able to experience village life and visit the surrounds. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a taste of authentic Thailand and have a bit of a wild spirit. Thank you so much Marco and Nok.


Jeanne and Dan from San Francisco.

Marco and Nok were the ultimate hosts. We really felt like part of their family, welcome and comfortable in every way. The extended family on the farm—permanent residents Gayna and Pee Hom, plus volunteers Sam and Madeline—were all extremely warm and open as well, taking us along on various excursions and introducing us to local customs.

If you are looking for a resort experience, this isn’t for you. But if you want a simple, peaceful place where you can clear your mind, be yourself, and feel at home, I cannot recommend Marco and Nok’s place more highly.

The farm is beautiful and hikes in the surrounding valley kept us busy outdoors for the week. Mae Mut Garden is a very inspiring place for anyone who is interested in organic food, sustainability, or even just how to build a life you love for yourself and your family. We look forward to staying in touch with Marco and Nok and celebrating the progress of Mae Mut Garden as it grows.


David from Cleveland

Wow. I can’t say it any better than what’s been stated in previous reviews. There is so much character and integrity in the people, the space and the process emerging at Mae Mut Garden. It’s not a resort. But if you want to sample wholesome living and the lifestyle we must transition to for our planet’s and our own well-being – Mae Mut Garden is – and will continue to evolve as a model of community and harmonious existence and how delightful this transition can be. And of course if you’re simply looking for a peaceful place to unwind and exit the frenzy you will be made to feel very at home and comfortable here.


Hanna and Alex from Gothenburg

We are happy to have met Marco, Nok and Serena. They are really nice people with warm hearts and much knowledge. They treated us very well and we felt really welcome in their family. It was a peaceful place in the nature with a big big fruit garden. If you would like to see how a family can live a peaceful life together and grow most of their own stuff we will recommend to spend some time with this family. We will ask the creator of the heavens and the earth to bless their gardens and life. Thank you for the time together.


Zuzanna and Chris from San Francisco

This house stay is a dream come true. We were so grateful to stay with Nok and Marco for the last days of our three week honeymoon in Thailand! First of all, Nok, Marco, their daughter (and their dogs Ee-long and Tualek) are gracious, engaging, friendly, warm, and tireless hosts. They have worked very hard together and with the local villagers they employ to create a slice of paradise on their property. The young food forest is starting to produce a bounty of delicious, luscious fruit; while we were there we devoured perfectly ripe, juicy, flavorful papaya, bananas, jackfruit, soursop, and guava. Nok also shared some of her out-of-this-world passionfruit banana jam with us. We chose to eat most of our dinners with Nok and Marco, and the food was fresh, nutritious, and flavorful. If you’re curious about any aspect of the operation, both Marco and Nok are very generous (and humble) in their desire to share their experiences. The cottage is a peaceful, beautiful retreat. I loved that there was a separation between the walls and the roof that allowed the fresh air in–the climate is very comfortable for such an arrangement. It is surrounded by fruit trees. And if you’re lucky, you might see the ducks and chickens marching by as you sit and read under the wrap-around porch. We could not have felt more relaxed and joyful leaving this vibrant place.


One thought on “GUESTS’ REVIEWS

  1. Greetings,
    My partner and I are interested in volunteering with you in January or February 2019. We are traveling from northeastern USA and are seeking affordable, immersive, natural experiences in Thailand. Are you currently accepting farmhands? If you are not, can you recommend other good options for us? I love the business model you’ve described on your website.
    Thanks for your time,

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